Zika Care Connect (ZCC) helps families affected by Zika find information and specialty healthcare professionals who have agreed to care for families affected by Zika. Information from the site can help families find a healthcare professional who matches their unique needs (for example, location, language, insurance). Healthcare professionals can also use ZCC as a resource to access patient education materials and to identify other specialists that care for families affected by Zika. ZCC was developed and funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the website is hosted and maintained by the March of Dimes. All information on healthcare professionals is publicly available and/or submitted voluntarily and updated directly by the participating healthcare professionals. ZCC currently is focused on 10 areas in the United States and its territories with a high number of reported Zika cases. If you live outside of these areas, contact your state/territorial health department or the ZCC HelpLine to learn about resources and information specific to your area.